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Katia Saleh

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Directeur/trice de la photo


Originaire du Liba, Katia Saleh vit et travaille à Londres où elle fait des films principalement sur le Moyen Orient.

Katia a travaillé sur plusieurs films pour Channel 4, ITV and BBC.

Katia est en train de terminer une thèse de doctorat sur la representation de l’Islam dans les médias occidentaux. Elle parle couramment arabe, anglais et français.


Originally from Lebanon, Katia Saleh is now based in London making films predominantly on the Middle East. She has recently completed three films for Al Jazeera English, Beirut: All Flights Cancelled filmed in Lebanon during the latest war in July 2006, Ashura: Blood and Beauty, a contemporary look on the 1300-year-old Shia ritual, and The Singing Barber of Mosul, about an Iraqi barber whose dream is to become a super star.

Katia has previously worked on various films for Channel 4, ITV and BBC. She has directed a short film for BBC World Service on young girls in Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia and taught them how to use audio-visual techniques to tell their personal stories. She produced the critically acclaimed Channel 4 Dispatches, Iraq: Women’s Stories and trained two Iraqi women to use digital cameras and travel for three months all over the country and record the reality of everyday life for women inside Iraq. She has also co-produced and filmed the Channel 4 documentary Return to Basra and ITV’s John McCarthy’s Return to Lebanon. She was an Associate Producer on Channel 4’s Iraq: The Hidden Story and the 2004 ITV series Inside Saddam’s Iraq. Her interview list includes Jack Straw, James Baker, James Rubin, Hans Blix, Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq El Sharaa, Lebanese President Emile Lahoud and members of Hezbollah.

Katia is currently doing a PHD on the representation of Islam in the Western media. She speaks fluent Arabic, English and French, and if she weren’t a filmmaker, she’d probably become a belly dancer or a Marseillaise fisher-woman.
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