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Teco Benson

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Directeur/trice Général


Producteur de films, Scénariste et réalisateur nigérian.
Il a débuté comme acteur dans les productions de Nollywood, après une formation initiale en santé publique.


Nigerian film producer and director.

Teco Benson came into the film industry in 1994 as an actor. Later went into script writing, editing and directing. He is from Anambra State in Nigeria. Teco had a first degree in Public Health, and right now, he is doing his Master’s Degree in Communication Studies.
Teco Benson has maintained a very strong track record in the movie industry since 1997 when his directing career began. Part of the federal government delegation via the Nigerian Film Corporation, he represented Nollywood in Ghana in 2005, as well as being a part of the five-man delegation that represented Nigeria at the 32nd Cairo International Film Festival. In 2006, his movie « Explosion » was chosen to represent Nollywood in Israel.

Short Filmography
The fake prophet, 2010
Mission to nowhere, 2008
Explosion 1 now or never, 2006
Explosion 2, 2006
Explosion 3, 2006
Six demons,2005
Accidental discharge, 2003

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