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Ginger Mauney



Le travail de Ginger se confond avec son mode de vie. Ginger a passé des années au milieu des babouins, éléphants, rhinocéros et lions en Namibia, à étudier les comportements animaux et, avec le temps, avec la patience et le talent de metteur scène, s’offrir leurs images captées par sa caméra.


Becoming immersed in the wild and in the lives of her subjects, Ginger’s work as a wildlife filmmaker is also her way of life. Ginger has spent years living with baboons, elephants, rhinos and lions in Namibia, studying animal behavior and, with the gift of time, patience and a storyteller’s eye, allowing these animals’ wild and wonderful stories to play out in front of her camera.

In 1989 Ginger spent four years living with a troop of desert-dwelling baboons in a remote canyon in Namibia which resulted in the documentary Baboons – Against the Odds. The elephants of Namibia’s Etosha National Park were the focus of Ginger’s next project, a film for National Geographic’s Natural History Unit, Giants of Etosha.

Ginger has filmed for the BBC, Paramount Productions and Partridge Films. She produced the film, The Chase, on game capture in Namibia and has worked as an on-camera correspondent for Fox Television’s series, World Gone Wild, and National Geographic Today. As a writer and stills photographer, Ginger has had her work published in various magazines including National Geographic, Geo, and Africa Environment and Wildlife. Ginger and her friend Sara James collaborated on their critically acclaimed dual memoir, The Best of Friends: Two Women, Two Continents and One Enduring Friendship, recently released in paperback.