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Hazim Bitar

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Directeur/trice de festival
Jordanie, Territoire palestinien
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Amman Cooperative Filmmakers : Coordinator/Instructor

Hazim Bitar est né en 1964 dans le Royaume d’Arabie Saoudite de parents Palestiniens qui s’étaient exilés suite à l’invasion et l’occupation israélienne. Il a migré aux USA pour se former, avant de s’installer en Jordanie en 2002.

Hazim Bitar est un producteur, scénariste et réalisateur Palestinien-Jordanien. Il a créé la Coopérative des Réalisateurs d’Amman (Amman Filmmakers Cooperative, AFC).


Hazim Bitar is a Palestinian-Jordanian producer, writer, and director. He founded the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative, which serves as the launching pad for some of Jordan’s leading independent filmmakers. Since its founding, the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative has provided cinema education to hundreds of Jordanians and Palestinians, mainly in disadvantaged areas.

His credits include numerous award-winning documentaries and films; his cooperative has produced short films that have been selected to various Academy-certified short film festivals. His filmography includes Overdose (2005), Growing Up in Amman’s Suburbia (2006), Sharar (2006), Jerusalem’s High Cost of Living (2000), and Uncivil Liberties (1999).

Bitar is the founder and director of the Jordan Short Film Festival (JSFF), established in 2005 with the main purpose of giving voice to Jordanian indie filmmakers. Though small in size, the festival quickly evolved into a regional player through which numerous independent Arab and other filmmakers have made their debut on the international film festival circuit.

He is invited frequently to international forums to speak on independent cinema of the South. In 2007, L’ Institut Français du Proche-Orient, a prominent French think tank on the Middle East, named Bitar as one of 27 influential Jordanian figures. Bitar served on the international jury of the academy-certified Tampere International Film Festival.

Hazim Bitar was born in 1964 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Palestinian parents who were exiled by the Israeli invasion and occupation. He migrated to the USA to pursue his education, before he moved to Jordan in 2002. He completed his undergraduate studies in computer and information science at the Millersville University, PA, and his Masters in Organizational Management at the George Washington University, DC. His entry into filmmaking has roots in civil and human rights activism. He produced a number of documentaries in support of United Nations projects with focus on refugees and women issues.

Hazim Bitar had served as a communication and media consultant to a number of human development and civil rights organizations in the U.S. and in the Arab World. His clients include UNICEF, Global Peace, Jordan River Foundation, etc.

Before his filmmaking career, as an IT professional, Bitar consulted for prominent firms such as Texas Instruments, Oracle,Intelsat, and Tandy Corp. Bitar helped develop strategic plans and led the implementation of enterprise solutions. His client base included Fortune 500 customers such as IBM, Mobil Oil, MCI, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, and HP.
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