Fiche Personne
Directeur/trice commercial

Mahsa Motamedi

Iran (République islamique d’)


Directrice du Marketing et du Sponsoring

Mahsa Motamedi a été très impliquée dans le DIFF depuis la première année en 2004. Comme Directrice du Marketing et du Sponsoring, elle travaille avec un panel de sponsors prestigieux, augmentant ainsi le prestige du festival sur le plan international.
Originaire d’Iran, Mahsa a été formé en Angleterre et a commencé sa carrière de consultante à Londres avant de s’établir aux Emirats Arabes Unis.


Director of Marketing and Sponsorship

Mahsa Motamedi has been closely involved with DIFF since its inaugural year, in 2004. As Director of Marketing and Sponsorship, she works with a roster of high-profile sponsors, taking the festival increasingly on to the world stage. Mahsa has a passion for marketing and believes that DIFF’s excellent content speaks for itself in promoting a strong brand with international reach.Mahsa has been an integral part of the organisation since 2000 and was responsible for the launch event of Dubai Internet City. Given her love for the media, she shifted to Dubai Media City, where she was a key member of the marketing department for 5 years. She spearheaded initiatives such as IBDAA, the Student Media Awards, and managed the project for several years.Originally from Iran, Mahsa was educated in England and started her advertising career in London before moving to the UAE.