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Christophe Lambert

France, États-Unis


De nationalité française

Christophe Guy Denis Lambert, né le 29 mars 1957 à New York, est un acteur français.

Dans les pays non-francophones, il est crédité sous le nom de Christopher Lambert.

Né à Great Neck, New York, il passe son enfance en Suisse, où son père officie en tant que diplomate à l’ONU. Après une année passée au Conservatoire de Paris, il débute sur grand écran en 1980 dans le thriller Le Bar du téléphone. Mais c’est quatre ans plus tard qu’il est révélé au grand public : l’acteur est sélectionné parmi des centaines de candidats pour incarner le personnage de Tarzan dans Greystoke, la legende de Tarzan, un succès mondial qui lance sa carrière de manière foudroyante au niveau international.

Films notables
Highlander : Connor MacLeod
Greystoke : Tarzan

Diane Lane (1988 – 1994)
Jaimyse Haft (1999 – ?)
Sophie Marceau (2006 – Aujourd’hui)

Enfant : Eleanor (1993)

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Christophe Guy Dénis Lambert was born March 29, 1957 in Manhasset, NY, USA. He’s the son of French parents, his father a financial expert employed by the United Nations. Christopher spent his first two years in Great Neck before his family moved away from the U.S., and since his parents traveled a great deal, he did his studies in Swiss boarding schools.

He first caught the acting bug after participating in a school play at the age of twelve. His parents however wanted him to have a job with security and saw acting as unsafe, so to please his parents he took a job with the London Stock Exchange, but after about six months he left the L.S.E. to help a friend run a shop in Paris. He also served in the French military at his father’s insistence.

His father agreed to support Christopher for two years so that Christopher could pursue his love for acting, and after some time he auditioned for and was accepted as a theater student at the famed Paris Conservatoire.

His first two films were « La Dame de Coeur » and « Legitime Violence, » and then he auditioned for Hugh Hudson for the leading role as John Clayton in « Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. » He first read for Hudson and then did an hour of gymnastics to prove he was right for the role.

Christopher’s talent did not go undiscovered and in 1985 he starred in Luc Besson’s « Subway, » for which he earned the French Cesar award as best actor.

During his marriage to actress Diane Lane, they starred in « Priceless Beauty » and « Knight Moves » together. In 1994, they became the proud parents of one daughter, Eleanor Jasmine Lambert. Their marriage lasted from 1988 to 1994. Christopher was later married to Jaymise Haft in 1999 and currently dating Sophie Marseau.

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