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Lucy Bailey

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice


La réalisatrice Lucy Bailey a plus de dix ans d’expérience en tant qu réalisatrice de télé, avec la majorité de tournage sur le continent africain, pour couvrir souvent des sujets sensibles. Lucy a un background en anthropologie et uen grande passion pour l’Afrique.

Lucy et Andrew Andrew Thompson ont créé en 2008 Explore Films.


Lucy Bailey – Director Lucy has over ten years experience as a director in television, with the majority of shooting on the African continent, often covering sensitive subjects. Lucy has a background in anthropology and a huge passion for Africa.

Lucy specializes in bringing emotion to the forefront in her films, including Lorenzo’s Oil- Miracle or Myth, BBC (04), and Saving Planet Earth- Saving Turtles, BBC (07).

Lucy has recently been working for Comic Relief to make their appeal films for Red Nose Day (07) and Sport Relief campaigns (06, 08) and for this work was nominated for the One World Media – Popular Features Award 2008.

Lucy and Andrew Andrew Thompson filmed together on many occasions, and have developed a unique style and way of working. This is their first feature length documentary. In 2008 they formed Explore Films.
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