Fiche Personne
Réalisateur/trice Producteur/trice Conservateur/trice

Heeten Bhagat



Conservateur, réalisateur et producteur Zimbabwéen


Project Manager & Evaluator, Anno’s Africa Arts Project, Nairobi, Kenya (2007)

Curator, National Gallery of Zimbabwe [Harare/Bulawayo/Mutare]

Founder/Creative Director, Masalamedia

My objective as a creative professional is to investigate, exploit and initiate projects that will realize the potential of arts and culture in Zimbabwe. With my initial training in design, I have developed the skills to examine and re- interpret the world around us, continually finding fresh and original ways to expose these ideas both visually and aurally. This speaks directly to my development as a filmmaker, allowing the creation of an infrastructure of inquiry and versatility that has lead to the production of a number of successful short films ranging in genre from experimental art based film to factual education driven documentary.
The latter has lead to the development of a series of cutting edge theories examining the potential of contemporary forms of education through the use of arts and culture, combined with a rich and valuable cultural knowledge.
In recognition of this work, I was awarded the Chevening Scholarship by the British Council, Zimbabwe pursue an MA in Audio Visual Production at London Metropolitan University. The aim of this course of advancement is to explore and create stronger and more dynamic links between the visual medium and valuable information delivery, specifically for developing countries. This has been completed and has been awarded an overall distinction. As of May 2007 I have been appointed the Curator of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, in Harare. This position includes the traditional roles of Curator and strengthening links with educational and new developmental issues.
The interdisciplinarity of my experience has afforded an eclectic and significant development of skills that will prove useful and valuable to the development of the arts and educational fields in this country.