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Paul Buckby

Chanteur/euse, Acteur/trice
Afrique du Sud


Né le dimanche 20 janvier 1963.
Acteur de théâtre et comédien de cinéma, il est chanteur et présentateur de télé.


Birth Date: Sunday, January 20, 1963
Gender: Male

Actor Biography

Paul Buckby is a South African actor, singer, television presenter and auctioneer best known for his role as Dr Adam Fischer on the M-Net soap opera « Egoli: Place of Gold ».

In 1983 he started drama and has done more than 30 stage productions, musical and straight theatre.

He has appeared in a number of television shows, ranging from TV presenting to acting. Paul was the master of Ceremonies at two Miss South Africa pageants.

Paul is a qualified auctioneer; he received an auctioneering diploma in 2004 and not long there after he started his own IT company called Philadelphia Technologies.

Paul is a dedicated hard worker and apart from acting, he is also a renowned singer, releasing his first single in 1988 with Mountain Records.

Paul has seen most of South Africa, from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, performing in theatres such as Baxter, Springs and in arenas such as Grahamstown and Sun City.

Actor Trivia

He will be the celebrity guest artist on the Noor Vir Noot Roadshow in 2007.

Character / Show
Dr Adam Fischer – Egoli: Place of Gold – Season 14
Dr Adam Fischer – Egoli: Place of Gold – Season 15
Dr Adam Fischer – Egoli: Place of Gold – Season 16
Dr Adam Fischer – Egoli: Place of Gold – Season 17

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