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Joshua Sternlicht

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste


Joshua Sternlicht est un réalisateur indépendant qui vit et travaille à Brooklyn (USA). Il a créé la société de production Eyespot Films en Mars 2004.


Joshua Sternlicht is a Brooklyn based independent filmmaker who founded Eyespot Films in March 2004. Joshua studied film at Columbia University graduating in May 2000 and began working as a Director of Photography and Editor. Since then Joshua as teamed up with several filmmakers, producers and editors whom Eyespot Films collaborates with. Eyespot Films is a full service Development, Production, Post-Production company with the objective of providing highly skilled and creative services at competitive rates.

While shooting « Poetry Africa Festival » in October 2007 Joshua met Syd Kitchen who was an invited poet and musician. Joshua became intrigued by Syd and his socio-political messages and mind blowing instrumentals. Joshua spent the final evening at Mr. Kitchen’s apartment shooting and father-son like chemistry rapidly developed into a bond between the two of them. Shortly thereafter Joshua decided to pursue a feature documentary film exploring Syd and his words and music which in many ways reflects South Africa in itself. The film idea grew and Joshua returned to South Africa for five weeks from December-January 2007-2008 to shoot Syd’s life, performances, people close to him and his native South African environment. The next phase of production in July 2008 involves Syd travelling to New York and playing several live performances, recording a new album, appearing on radio show and gaining some international exposure which had previously been denied to him under apartheid South Africa.
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