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Tanya Hamilton

Réalisateur/trice, Peintre, Scénariste


Scénariste et réalisatrice Africaine-Américaine. Originaire de la Jamaïque, elle a grandi dans le Maryland (USA) où elle est arrivée à l’âge de huit ans. Elle est d’abord artiste peintre avant de venir au cinéma.


Sundance Fellow Tanya Hamilton received a Pew Fellowship in the Arts Grant for Night Catches Us (2010), making her the only screenwriter to ever receive the award. She is also the recipient of a Gordon Parks Screenwriting Award, the Urban World Film Festival Screenwriting Award, a 5-County Arts Grant of the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, and a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship. Her short film The Killers was awarded Best Short Film at the 1996 Berlin International Film Festival and the 1997 New Line Cinema Award. In the same year she also received the Director’s Guild of America Award for Best Female Director.
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