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Hisham Saqr



Réalisateur, scénariste monteur et producteur égyptien.

Hisham SAQR est un réalisateur, scénariste, monteur et producteur. Il a remporté le Prix du Meilleur Montage pour le film MICROPHONE au DIFF (Dubai 2010). Il a réalisé son premier court métrage HYMEN / BEKARA (2010, drama, 10mins). Il termine en 2018 son long métrage CERTIFIED MAIL (COURRIER CERTIFIÉ) produit par Jessica El Khoury primé (en atelier de postproduction, par Laser Film de Rome, L’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie et Lagoonie Film Production) à Final Cut in Venice 2018.
Il a sa propre société de production (White Feather).


Egyptian Film Director, Scriptwriter, Film Editor and producer.

Hisham SAQR is a Film Director, Scriptwriter, Film Editor and producer. He was born in Cairo. He has more than ten years of experience as an editor in the Egyptian film industry. Saqr has worked with a number of acclaimed Egyptian directors, most recently with Ahmad Abdalla on the award-winning Rags and Tatters (2013). The two previously collaborated on Microphone (2010), for which Saqr won the award for best film editor at the Dubai International Film Festival. He also edited Ibrahim Al Batout’s Winter of Discontent (2012), which earned Saqr a Best African Editor nomination from the 2013 African Film Development Foundation Awards. His directorial credits also include one short. Certified Mail is his first feature film.

Hisham started his film career as an assistant editor 5 years ago when he was only 17 years old. He knew that this is where he belongs and where his heart lies. Not long after, he edited his first full-length feature « MICROPHONE », directed by Ahmad Abdalla.
He was trained at Cairo University, enhancing his tools through real life experiences. HYMEN / BEKARA (2010, drama, 10mins) is his first completed short film. His reel as an editor includes many feature length and short films as well as numerous programs, trailers and promos. After the success and appreciation HYMEN was met with locally, Hisham is now preparing for his second film.
In 2010, he won the Award of Best Editor for MICROPHONE at DIFF (Dubai 2010).
He is finishing in 2018 his feature CERTIFIED MAIL produced by Jessica El Khoury and awarded (at postproduction step), by Laser Film in Rome, l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie et Lagoonie Film Production) at Final Cut in Venice 2018.
He owns his own company (White Feather).

Source: DUBAI 2010