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Nolwazi Shange

Afrique du Sud


Actrice sud-africaine, elle joue le rôle de Dezi dans OTELO BURNING (2011) de Sara Blecher.


Nolwazi Shange is a South African actress best known for her role as Precious in the second season of the SABC1 drama series A PLACE CALLED HOME, from 2008-2009.

She guest stars in the first episode of the third season of the SABC1 drama series in the role of Zinhle, the youngest of three daughters accused of killing their tyrannical mother.
The episode – entitled « The Three Sisters (Part 1) » – aired in 2009.

She has a starring role in the 10th season of the SABC1 drama series SOUL CITY, in 2010 and in the starring role of Dezi in OTELO BURNING (2011) directed by Sara Blecher.

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