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Rutger Hauer

Acteur/trice, Responsable


Né en 1944, Rutger Hauer est l’un des plus grand acteurs hollandais.
En 2007, il a créé la Rutger Hauer Filmfactory, un programme international de formation pour réalisateurs, producteurs, acteurs, Directeurs de la Photo et monteurs de partout dans le monde.


His role in Black Butterflies as the strict Minister of Censorship (Abraham Jonker) follows hot on the heels of recent
Sundance releases Hobo With A Shotgon, The Mill & The Cross, and The Rite, also starring Sir Anthony Hopkins.
Rutger Hauer (1944) is one of Holland’s biggest actors, having successfully established his career in Los Angeles, a path no doubt to be followed soon by his Black Butterflies colleague Carice van Houten.
Hauer’s film career started with director Paul Verhoeven, which led to international break-out roles in Turkish Fruit and Soldier of Orange. His first American role was Nighthawks, but his fame was firmly established by his role in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Other international hits were The Hitcher, Blind Fury and Batman Begins. During the four decades of acting he has been honored with numerous awards, among them the Golden Globe for his performance in Sobibor and the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actor in The Legend of the Holy Drinker.
In 2007 he created the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory, an international training program for directors, producers, actors, DOP’s and editors from all over the world.

Selected Filmography
2011 The Heineken Kidnap
2011 Black Butterflies
2011 The Mill and the Cross
2005 Batman Begins
2005 Sin City
1994 Fatherland
1988 The Legend of Holy Drinker
1987 Escape from Sobibor
1986 The Hitcher
1985 Ladyhawke
1982 Blade Runner
1982 Inside the Third Reich
1981 Nighthawks
1977 Soldier of Orange
1973 Turkish Delight
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