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Obi Emelonye

Réalisateur/trice, Dramaturge, Producteur/trice, Scénariste


Réalisateur, scénariste, producteur (The Nollywood Factory) et Dramaturge nigérian. Né au Nigeria, il vit à Chelsea (Grande-Bretagne).


Obi is one of the brightest minds to come out of Nollywood. With his multi-disciplinary film making style, his relentless drive and a sense of cinematic style he has marked himself out as a global pioneer for a bold cinematic identity for Africa.
He abandoned the practice of law to focus on his real love- films. he lives in Chelsea West London with his wife Amaka and three children: D’Kachy, D’Richy and Da’Luchy.

Nigerian director Obi Emelonye wrote, directed and co-produced an award-winning fiction film, THE MIRROR BOY (2010 · 1h27m). Produced by The Nollywood Factory and OH Films, THE MIRROR BOY features some of Africa’s biggest film stars and is an example of a recent African feature film incorporating Nollywood stylistics while remaining accessible to both African and international audiences. Obi is one of the brightest creative minds to come out of Nollywood.
Born in Nigeria and based in the UK, Obi’s films have been shown in European cinemas since 2004. Obi has a multi-disciplinary approach to filmmaking with directorial credits including: ECHOES OF WAR (2004), THE LONDON SUCCESSOR (2006), LUCKY JOE (2006), THE ASYLYM (2008), QUIET STORM (2009), and THE MIRROR BOY (2010). In 2011, Obi was in attendance to Africa in Motion (Edinburgh, UK) to learning about his filmmaking experiences.

* THE MIRROR BOY Writer/Producer/Director The Nollywood Factory
* Echoes of War Writer/Director The Telemarketing Group
* The London Successor Writer/Director/Editor Film Africa
* Lucky Joe Writer/Director/Editor Film Africa
* The Asylum Director Towncrier International
* Quiet Storm Writer/Director/Producer The Nollywood factory
* Who’s Next? Director/Editor Basic Input Productions
* Sweet Betrayal Writer/Director Basic Input Productions

* Crazy, Lovely, Cool! Writer/Director The Nollywood Factory
* Paddies in London Director/Editor The Nollywood Factory
* At the Movies writer/Director/Producer The Nollywood Factory

* Sweel Lady Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory
* MTN (UK Top up) Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory
* Cocochic Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory
* Zinox Computers Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory
* London Academy for Higher Education Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory
* Independent National Electoral Commission (Nigeria) Creator/Director/Producer The Nollywood Factory
* Picolo Sparkling Drink Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory
* Vitale Sparkling Fruit Drink Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory

* Crack of Dawn Writer/Director Obi Emelonye
* Claws of the Hawk Writer / Director Obi Emelonye
* Dance of the Forest Director Obi Emelonye
* Kinjeketile Director Obi Emelonye
* Hangmen also Die Director Obi Emelonye

* London Acdemy for Higher Education Creator/Director The Nollywood Factory
* Zinox Computers Creator / Director The Nollywood Factory

University of Nigeria, Nsukka, BA (Hons) Drama, Enugu State, 1990
Second Class Upper Division degree from the Paul Robeson School of Drama at the University of Nigeria. Class of 1990
University of Wolverhampton, England, LLB (Law) Degree, Wolverhampton, 1998
Obtained an LLB from the University of Wolverhampton as I strived to broaden the scope of my education with a course that will offer me stability as I made my way as a film maker…a course that have skills that can be funnelled eventually into my creative career.
London Metropolitan University, Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, London
My Academic Qualification to practice as a Solicitor

London Academy for Higher Education, Directing Actors for Screen, 2008
Short Course on Screen Directing
London Academy For Higher Education, London, Editing (Final Cut HD), 2009
Short course on Editing using Final Cut Studio


Screen Nation Awards, Best Film, 2004
Won by my film Echoes of War

African Movie Academy Awards, Best Film, 2011
Nomination only

African Movie Academy Awards, Best Young Actor, 2011
Won by Edward Kagutuzi for THE MIRROR BOY

African Movie Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actor, 2011
Nomination for Osita Iheme on THE MIRROR BOY

Best Of Nigeria Awards, Achievement Award in Film, 2009

African Film Awards, Best Director, 2006
For The London Successor (Afro Hollywood Awards)

Zafaa Awards, Best Film, 2009
Award for Quiet Storm

MONACO FILM FESTIVAL, Best Breakthrough Performance (Female), 2011
Genevieve Nnaji for Performance on THE MIRROR BOY

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