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Réalisateur/trice Scénariste

Craig Freimond

Afrique du Sud


Réalisateur et acteur sud-africain.


Craig completed his Drama degree at Wits University in 1988. Since then he has worked as a writer and director in theatre, television and film. His theatre works include « Edmond », « The Chalky White Show », « The Great Gatsby », « Jump », « Pygmalion », « Macbeth », « Sweet Phoebe », « Talk Radio », « Gums & Noses » and « The King of Laughter ». His TV credits include « Not Quite Friday Night », « Soul Buddyz », « Scoop Schoombie », « Gazlam » and « Sorted ». In 2004 Craig wrote and directed his first feature film « Gums & Noses » which was adapted from his play of the same name. « Gums & Noses » was produced by T.O.M pictures and because of the very successful working relationship Craig enjoyed with this company, Craig joined the company in 2005. « Gums & Noses » won the Apollo film festival award for best feature in 2004. His play « The King of Laughter » won three Naledi awards in 2004, including best new play, best director and best supporting actor. His most recent television work was co-creating and directing two seasons of the improvised comedy series « Sorted ». Craig has since finished his new screenplay « Stiff » which is being developed by T.O.M Pictures.

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