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Sven Augustijnen

Réalisateur/trice, Directeur/trice de la photo, Monteur/se


Réalisateur belge. Il est né en 1970 à Mechelen, Belgique.


ven Augustijnen (°1970 in Mechelen, Belgium) studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the Hoger Sint-Lukas Instituut in Brussels, and at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. His work concentrates mainly on the tradition of portraiture and the porous boundaries between fiction and reality, using a hybrid of genres and techniques to disorienting effect. His films have been included in exhibitions and festivals in Athens, Basel, Fribourg, San Sebastián, Siegen, Rotterdam, Tunis, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Vilnius, among others. In 2007 he participated in the documenta 12 magazine project, in collaboration with A Prior Magazine. In 2011 he received the Evens Prize for Visual Arts. He lives and works in Brussels.

Spectres (2011)
Les Demoiselles de Bruxelles (2008)
L’Histoire Belge (2007)
Cher Pourquoi Pas? (2007)
Panorama (2005)
Une Femme Entreprenante (2004)
François (2003)
Mission Mont des Arts (2002)
Johan (2001)
Le Guide du Parc (2001)
L’Ecole des Pickpockets (2000)
Iets op Bach (1998)
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