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Tony Todd



Acteur Africain-Américain.

Tony Todd est un acteur américain né le 4 décembre 1954 à Washington. Il est célèbre pour son rôle du fantôme tueur en série dans la trilogie Candyman.

Source: Wikipedia


Tony Todd is probably Best Known for his role as Candyman, the Hook handed Urban Legend. He also played 3 characters in 3 of the Star Trek series: Kurn on « Next Generation », Old Jake and again as Kurn for « Deep Space 9 » and Alpha Hirogen for « Voyager ». Tony has also played Captain Metis in « Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda »! Tony was REALLY GREAT as Cecrops on Xena: Warrior Princess!!! He also played Gladius and King Gilgamesh on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. He is TRULY a gifted actor who has been on Many Movies, TV appearances and on the Stage!!!

source: OFFICIAL Tony Todd Webpage