Fiche Personne
Réalisateur/trice Scénariste

Tommi Matikka



Réalisateur finlandais.


Currently Tommi MATIKKA (Finland) works and lives in Espoo, Finland. Matikka graduated with a BA in visual arts from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (2003-2007). Matikka has been making animation-based video art since 2008. He is part of the cinematic video art collective Together Forever Studio, together with his wife Maria Matikka.

FILMOGRAPHY (all short)
The Flood (2009), The Message (2010),
You Are a Ticking Timebomb (2010),
For the Love of Silly Things (2011),
Things I’ve Seen (2012),
Shallow Days (2012),
Queen of the Night (2012),
Burden (2012),
Small Heroes (2013)