Fiche Personne

Jolynn Minnaar

Afrique du Sud


Réalisatrice et photographe sud-africaine.


Jolynn Minnaar is a young South African director making waves with her debut feature documentary, Unearthed, that investigates whether or not South Africa should pursue fracking in the semi-arid area known as the Karoo – the area where she grew up. Dubbed the ‘next generation Erin Brokovich’, Jolynn regularly shares her firsthand knowledge across print, radio and television platforms while she visits the isolated, rural Karoo communities to inform them about the plans for shale gas extraction beneath their feet.

Her work on Unearthed has helped establish alliances between grassroots organisations from all corners of the globe and has allowed an accessible platform for conversation on the pressing issues of our time. She graduated with a distinction from UCT with a BA Film, Media and Screen Production. She followed this with a specialisation in cinematography and editing at AFDA. Committed to stories that matter, Jolynn works in the South African film industry as a director, cinematographer and photographer.

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