Fiche Personne
Réalisateur/trice Styliste / Créateur de mode

Nkuli Mlangeni

Afrique du Sud


Réalisatrice et styliste sud-africaine.


South African Designer and filmmaker.

NKuli Mlangeni is an art curator and stylist. She has a clothing range called The Ninevites which will be launched soon. Here’s what she says about her personal style:
* One word to define my style is Comfortable
* I don’t really have one person who inspires my style.
* I dont think standing out matters much for me, its about wearing what I like and feel comfortable in.
* The most I’ve spent on an item of clothing was R1700
* And the least was R3 in Downtown Jozi Street.
* I’m a huge fan of Joburg designer, Superella’s work.
* I love wearing anything baggy and comfortable.
* I don’t concern myself with what other people wear. It’s none of my business.

She is member of The Ninevites Gang, with Uma Ramiah and Leila Khalifa (joined by Johno Mellish and Kent Andreasen).