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Shalin Sirkar

Producteur/trice, Président/e, Consultant/e
Afrique du Sud
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Productrice et consultante sud-africaine.
Shalin SIRKAR est la Présidente Directrice générale (PDG) de Chalia Films.
Elle a fondé en 2004 CHALIA COMMUNICATIONS CC qui se compose d’une division Cinéma et d’un secteur Consultance.


South African Producer and Consultant.
Shalin Sirkar is a graduate in Psychology and Legal Studies with a post-graduate qualification in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. She has worked in various NGO’s including Gender Advocacy Program, Law, Race and Gender Research Unit and Parliamentary Monitoring Group. In 2004, Shalin created Chalia Films to develop Independent Feature Films with a focus on international co-productions.

Selected Producer credits of Feature Films include 34 South (Hybrid Films), Adaora (Godfather Productions) and a trainee producer credit on Forgiveness (Giant Films & DV8). Shalin is currently producing Feature Films: Home Sweet Home, Distances, Husen, Sugar Cane Fields and Reality TV Series, Ultimate Africa.

In 2009, Shalin will make her directorial debut with Home Sweet Home in South Africa.