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Stephen Chigorimbo

Réalisateur/trice, Acteur/trice, Producteur/trice


Acteur, Assistant-Réalisateur, Coordinateur, Scénariste, Réalisateur, Producteur de plus de 100 documentaires, fictions et téléfilms. Il a été Secrétaire régional de la FEPACI de 2006 à 2013.


Zimbabwean filmmaker. Stephen Chigorimbo was born 5th April 1951 at Chegutu 100km west of Harare in Zimbabwe. He studied and worked in insurance after school. He began film making in 1974 after landing a part along side Christopher Lee (Dracula). He quickly found himself behind the camera and rose through the ranks and professional training as Actor, Assistant Director, Coordinator. Script writer, Director, Producer of over 100 documentaries, feature films and television. He is a board member of the Arts Council in Zimbabwe. Stephen is a founder member of Sithengi during the time he was FEPACI joint Regional Secretary to the late Dr. Lionel Ngakane. He was nominated and elected to the current FEPACI as Regional Secretary (2006 to 2013) at Tshwane. in April 2006.
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