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Directeur/trice artistique Scénariste

Femi Kayode



Scénariste et Directeur artistique nigérian.


Nigeria Scriptwriter.

Femi Kayode is the writer for a number of local and internationally produced films including « A place called Home », « Nujoma: Where Others Wavered – Based on the autobiography of President Sam Nujoma of Namibia, « Thunderbolt », « Keeping Faith », « Reaching the Unreached – The Botswana Experience ».

He created, developed and co/wrote several titles for radio and television including; « Saints and Sinners » – a thirteen part mini series, « Blaze of Glory » – a 26 part mini series for TV, « Ready or Not », a 52 part radio drama series on youth and development issues and « The Adventures of Baban Liti » – a comedy of 13 episodes for radio. He is the creator of the hit drama series on Mnet: « Edge of paradise ». He also co – created, and developed Namibia’s first family drama series: « The Ties that Bind ». His most recent feature, directed by Mahmood Ali Balogun is « Tango with me. » When not being the Executive Creative Director of a major advertising agency in Namibia, Femi facilitates writing and script development workshops across the African continent. Femi is a Packard Fellow in Media Leadership at the University of Southern California and a Packard Gates Fellow in Population Leadership at the University of Washington, Seattle.