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Mickey Madoda Dube

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Afrique du Sud


Mickey Madoda DUBE est un réalisateur, Scénariste et Producteur sud-africain. Il enseigne le cinéma à la Newtown School of Cinema and TV. En 2011, son long métrage docu-fiction SOBUKWE, A GREAT SOUL [SOBUKWE, UNE GRANDE ÂME] a eu le Prix du Meilleur Documentaire sud-Africain au 32ème DIFF – Festival International de Durban (21>31 juillet 2011) où il a été montré en Première Mondiale.


Mickey Madoda DUBE is an international award winning Film, TV and Commercials Director and Producer. His filmography spans both the social and the political. His first film, Imbazo, about state-sponsored violence in SA, won countless awards globally. One of Mickey’s proud works is a documentary for UNICEF called Through The Eyes Of The Child. It looked at the plight of SA children at the turn of the century. Mickey co-created and co-conceptualized the Pan African reality series, Imagine Afrika (part of the ?You’ campaign), which aimed to inspire young Africans to become change agents in their communities. Mickey has also written and directed a number of television drama series, notably, the controversial Umthunzi Wentaba (Mountain Shadow), which explored the death of boys in SA circumcision schools. The show led to the establishment of certain laws and procedures to prevent these deaths.

Mickey Madoda DUBE completed his degree in dramatic arts and subsequently won a Fulbright scholarship to attend the USC School of Cinema/TV. Dube has worked on a variety of documentaries, television feature films and series, including the Love Life campaign, South Africa’s production of Sesame Street and SOBUKWE – A GREAT SOUL (South Africa 2011, 104 min) which won the Best South African Documentary Award at 32nd Durban International Film Festival where it were premiere in july 2011.
He also taught at the Newtown School of Cinema and TV.

Twitter: @MikiDube
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