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Mark Wambui



Mark is a Producer, Director and co-founder of Chromatic Pictures Africa Limited who has over four years experience in Film and TV production. He lectures in Film Directing at Jamhuri Film and Television Academy and Kibera Film School

He underwent training as a cinematographer in May of 2011 led by Sony and in Film Directing September 2013 by One Fine Day Films and DW Akademie

His most successful projects in film so far was Keeping it Together (2012) a feature film. In 2013 Deceit a short film he co-wrote and directed was nominated in the prestigious Africa Movies Viewers Choice Awards.

His most recent film, September is a thrilling drama. It revolves around political events that befall the Kenyan nation triggering a high level of insecurity. On the fore front of the political web is a self-centered politician,’ Kamotho’ (Peter Kawa), who is influenced by foreign forces to carry out a devious task that may change the dogmatic landscape.