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Naguel Belouad

Réalisateur/trice, Peintre, Scénariste
Algérie, États-Unis


Naguel M. BELOUAD studied painting before switching to film at the Conservatory of French Cinema in Paris.

Naguel later completed Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Communication (Visual Media) at the School of Communication, graduating first of his class at American University, Washington, D.C., USA.

He has served as first assistant director on several feature films produced by the Algerian Center for the Arts and Cinematographic Industry, in addition to writing and directing several short films. In 1993, he founded the production company Gouraya Communications Audiovisual (GCA), where he functions as Executive Producer, Screenwriter and Director. GCA produced three long feature films: “Franca Ya Franca”, “Women’s expectations” and “Father”; Naguel is also the author of eight screenplays.

In 2010, Naguel returned to painting, and is a member of The Art League of Alexandria and The Falls Church Arts Center in Virginia, USA.

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