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Sean Addo



Réalisateur ghanéen-américain.
Il est né aux Etats-Unis (où il a grandi) de parents ghanéens.


Sean A. Addo is a fifth semester graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he studied motion graphics at the University of Cincinnati, while working as a junior designer creating broadcast packages for several prime time networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC, and many more, before working at the Procter and Gamble company as a products researcher, and scientist engineer. After taking the time to travel in Europe and rediscover what meant the most to him, he realized that his passion was to help impact the world creatively, and he decided to pursue this feat through film. Sean has established himself as a cinematographer, writer, and director that brings a unique voice to the big screen. His West African roots and his ability to communicate to a western audience, presents a rare cross cultural hybrid of content that is fresh to the ever evolving entertainment industry.

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