Fiche Personne

Busi Sizani

Afrique du Sud


Productrice sud-africaine.


South African Producer.

For 12 years, I have pursued a career in media and broadcasting beginning in sports, talk, fashion and lifestyle series and live productions, and a number of commercial branded properties for distribution in Africa. Working in television, film, digital, brand consultancy, event, marketing and sponsorship environments – I have developed a sound understanding of the television and media space in Africa and the United States and the associated business models in various territories. Always with the vision to use established networks to promote and create opportunities for the African market.

Identifying a niche, I established a consultancy that specialises in strategic management; providing creative solutions for commercial success to talent, independent producers, production houses and various brands. Besides creative insight and innovation, my focus is on challenging convention in how Africa does business in the creative arts; by building brands and assisting producers look beyond creating compelling content, to developing sustainable commercial properties. We have just completed our first feature film, AYANDA, soon to screen at Le Marché du Film at Cannes this year [2015]…

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