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IfeOluwa Nihinlola



Journaliste nigérian.
Il a participé au iREP 2015 (Lagos), en tant que rédacteur du quotidien du festival.


Nigerian journalist.
He joined the iREP (Lagos Doc FilmFest) Newsletter in 2015.

About me
I’m a dark skinned 6 ft tall young man who has carried the face of an adult for as long as he can remember. You’ll possibly forget my face a few minutes after we meet, but that fine. It’s all part of the evolutionary process involved in creating a specie of humans that are only seen when they desire to be-a natural invisibility cloak.

I’m an introvert who reads a lot and-in the right moment, with the right people-also talks a lot. I’m a believer in the redeeming work of Christ on the cross, but if given a choice I’d rather sit at home than attend church on Sundays. This is not because I hate church, but I’d rather be in my house than any other place. I love music and at the moment, I listen to a dose of rap (Lecrae, Propaganda, Andy Mineo) every day. I also love Hillsong, the Soweto Gospel Choir and I hope to listen to Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir live before I exit this body. (I’m still praying for a solid Nigerian christian that would cater for my thirst for Fuji, if you’re reading this post please don’t keep me waiting).

I’m a trained engineer who can play the musical scale on five different instruments but is not good enough in any of them-a professional dilettante. Okay maybe this is a bit over the top, but that’s why the blog is called my rambles.

Now that you know who I am, I think there’s a rule that says you have to tell me about yourself too. There’s no rule like that? Okay let’s make it here. Please tell me something about yourself before you leave (it doesn’t have to be an epistle like the one above) and thank you for reading to this point.


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