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Daryne Joshua

Réalisateur/trice, Scénariste
Afrique du Sud


Réalisateur et scénariste sud-africain.


South African film director and scriptwriter.

« We know Steven Spielberg. We know James Cameron. We know Peter Jackson. Mark my words, in a few years, a younger generation will know Daryne Joshua. » – Travis Taute

Described as one of the « most knowledgeable, informed and creative young directors » currently out there, Daryne Joshua is a force to be reckoned with.

Daryne’s entire life has been shaped by visual storytelling, from the tender of age of 7 when he wrote, illustrated, photocopied and sold comics and cartoons to kids at his primary school to his recent accomplishments in directing a couple of Television series’ for DSTV Channels Kyknet, MK and Mzanzi Magic.

A born and bred filmmaker, Daryne has come to develop a very deep love for story.
His uncompromising attention to detail has seen him develop into a formidably talented visual storyteller. He thrives on taking an ambitious concept, and via any means necessary, breathing life into it. Daryne’s work strives to deliver an emotional punch and illustrates an understanding of very high technical levels with regards to filmmaking. With a ready sense of humour and a passion for his craft Daryne always manages to extract the best from crew and cast alike.

Daryne’s vast experience that pans across fields such as editing, animation, sound design, media and communications makes him a desirable asset to any team. His collaborative nature and strong sense of self allows him to conquer even the most ambitious projects, seemingly effortless. If you don’t know his name already, you sure will soon enough.

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