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Ghada Amer

Styliste / Créateur de mode


Ghada Amer est née au Caire en 1963.

Elle vit et travaille à New York.


Ghada Amer was born in Cairo in 1963; she now lives and works in New York. Viewing Amer’s hand-embroidered paintings, with their delicate traceries of stray threads, involves a visual shift, as what appears to be a mass of abstract lines gradually comes into focus as highly erotic figures, displayed in a repetitive pattern. The work refuses to bow to the puritanical elements of both Western and Islamic culture, and what could be called ??institutionalized feminism, » with its own persistent myth of feminine virtue.

Curator Valerie Cassel, part of the six-person team to select Ms. Amer for the Whitney Biennial 2000, says in a recent New York Times review of Amer’s work that Amer subdues and overpowers the male-dominated language of Abstract Expression by sewing on top of it. Amer’s embroidery of nude female images taken from pornographic magazines has a similar overpowering effect. According to Cassel:

??When we see those images in her paintings, we feel as if we’ve accidentally walked into a woman’s boudoir, where she’s pleasuring herself, rather than looking at something primarily designed and distributed for a male eye. »

Amer’s work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions at such venues as Deitch Projects, New York; the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; the 2000 Whitney Biennial, New York; P.S. 1, New York; the 2000 Kwangju Biennial, South Korea; SITE Sante Fe, NM; the 1999 Venice Biennale; the 1997 Johannesburg Biennale; and Gagosian Gallery, London. 2004 marked her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles when her show opened at Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills.

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