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Peter Tosh

Chanteur/euse, Auteur-compositeur/trice, Pianiste/claviériste, Guitariste


Peter Tosh (de son vrai nom, Winston Hubert McIntosh) est un chanteur, guitariste, organiste et auteur compositeur de ska, de rocksteady, de reggae et de soul, né le 19 octobre 1944 à Church Lincoln, Grange Hill, dans le Westmoreland en Jamaïque, et mort le 11 septembre 1987 à Kingston. Il est, avec Bob Marley, une des figures emblématiques du reggae et de la spiritualité Rasta.

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Peter Tosh was more than a luminary in the development of reggae music. He was the ultimate firebrand, speaking out against oppression around the world in both his songs and his public statements. He was a man who demonstrated the power of personal and artistic integrity, and pride and defiance in the face of authoritarian power. His music’s insurrectionary fervor has inspired artists of all stripes, from reggae disciples to punk-rock acolytes like The Clash.

Born Winston Hubert McIntosh in the rural parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, in 1944, he moved to the notorious slum of Trenchtown at age 16. His mother strongly influenced him, and her sensibility would become apparent in both his lyrics and views; she was particularly concerned that he have a Christian upbringing. He attended the local church daily, and his experience there – singing in the choir and learning to play the organ – formed a sort of musical apprenticeship that prepared him for his subsequent career (…)

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