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Awali Entertainment
Awali Entertainment Ltd.
Statut : Société de droit privé
Adresse : NAIROBI
Pays concerné : Kenya
Téléphone(s) : 254714564639


Awali Entertainment Ltd. est une société de production gérée par la cinéaste Wanuri Kahiu et la Productrice Déléguée Rebecca E. Chandler. Elles produisent des films de cinémas, des séries télévisées, ainsi que des documentaires et des publicités.
Idil IBRAHIM a rejoint l’équipe.


Awali Entertainment Ltd., lead by Kenyan Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu and Executive Producer Rebecca E. Chandler, is a full-service film and video production company producing films, television series, and documentaries and commercials.

Production in sub-Saharan Africa presents unique challenges. As such, it is important for every group coming into Africa to have the critical contacts on the ground who have a local, working knowledge of subcontractors who will get the work done. As the Executive Producer of Awali Entertainment Ltd. with a background in advertising, features, music videos, and social marketing, Awali Entertainment Ltd. can help you navigate through each phase of your project utilizing the very best professionals available-no matter the location. Our contacts offer a wide range of services from production through the final edit and mix and present a proven record of successfully completing production for large and small groups alike.

[The New-York based producer Idil IBRAHIM joins the team recently]


Awali, in Kiswahili, means « origin »…the beginning. And so Awali became our inspiration to establish a film and television production company in Kenya that produced original, award-winning, inspirational films while respecting and supporting the manytalented professionals that work in the African film community. We believe that the creative process is a group effort made up of artists, technicians and clients who work together as a team with a singular vision to deliver great work.

Founded by award winning Kenyan Film Director Wanuri Kahiu and American Executive Producer Rebecca E. Chandler, Awali was formally registered in February 2010 and is steadfastly committed to collaborating with African film and television professionals who share a love of great film. We see Awali as a place where filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, actresses, producers and clients can come to share their passion for the moving image.


Distributor – filmography
Pumzi (by Wanuri Kahiu, 2009)… Distributor (2009) (Kenya) (all media)
From a Whisper (by Wanuri Kahiu, 2009)… Distributor (2009) (worldwide) (all media)

Production Company – filmography
Homecoming (by Jim Chuchu, 2013)… Production Company