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Buni TV
Watch Africa Rise
Statut : Organisation non gouvernementale (ONG)
Adresse : Marie Lora Mungai – Founder & CEO
Pays concerné : Kenya
Site web :


About Us

Buni TV: Watch Africa Rise

Buni TV is a leading web and mobile African video-on-demand platform. By showcasing the best, most innovative and visually arresting content being currently produced in or about Africa and bringing it to new audiences on the continent and abroad, Buni TV intends to revolutionize the way African content is distributed and consumed.


From the latest film festival darlings, to the coolest music videos and the funniest animations, Buni TV makes it easy for viewers to discover some of the most surprising, thought-provoking and enjoyable African video content.


The films, documentaries, television series, animations and music videos showcased on Buni TV are hand-picked by our editors from the sea of content that is available digitally to offer viewers only what is worth their time.


Buni TV gives viewers access to the great content scattered across the web in one, easily searchable and user-friendly place, on the internet via your computer, smartphone or tablet at and through the Buni TV android app available on the Samsung store. Buni TV also gives independent producers a new distribution platform for their work, and a direct access to a global audience of curious, engaged, culture-loving viewers.


Buni TV enables advertisers to associate brands with targeted, highly engaged audiences. To learn more about advertising opportunities on Buni TV, get in touch.

Content Owners

If your work is already featured on Buni TV, it means that we love what you do and that we are committed to spreading the word.

Our mission is to promote creativity – even from the most remote corners of the world – and we welcome your submissions of full-length content for licensing purposes. To arrange how you can submit your content, get in touch with us here.

Revenue Share

Buni TV shares all revenue with content owners such as producers and filmmakers on a 50/50 basis.

About Buni Media

Buni TV is a service of Buni Media (, a multi-media company based in Nairobi, Kenya and Los Angeles, California. Buni Media is the production outlet behind The XYZ Show, Africa’s first political satire program featuring life-size latex puppets. The XYZ Show ( reaches an audience of more than 10 million people every month through its various platforms.

For more information, contact [email protected]



* Marie Lora Mungai
– Founder & CEO

* Andrew Mugoya – CTO

* Monica Obaga – Content Specialist

* Julian Macharia – Business Development Manager

* Barbara Muriungi – Brand Manager/Visual Designer

* Julie MacArthur – Director of Content Acquisition

* Roger Gichuhi – Digital Business Developer