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Further Arts
Statut : Organisation non gouvernementale (ONG)
Adresse : First floor, Bougainville House Port Vila
Pays concerné : Vanuatu
Téléphone(s) : (+678) 29411


Further Arts is a registered charitable association based in Anambru, Port Vila – focused on the promotion and development of culture, music, arts, media and other cultural activities in Vanuatu and throughout Melanesia.


Further Arts is also a leading institution in the region for the development of contemporary musicians, regional exchange for artists, promotion of traditional music and dance heritage and access to these for the public.

We work closely with local ni-Vanuatu organisations such as Fest'Napuan, Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu, Canal Studio (Santo), CRST FM (Tanna), and students and youth of VIT and Wan Smolbag.


Through connecting and enriching creative, community and youth-driven networks, Further Arts strongly advocates on the role of music and creative arts as vehicles for positive social expression, change and participation – especially through traditional/kastom music, and especially for rural Melanesians.