Fiche Structure
DayDream Art Production
Adresse : Mohamed SAMIR, Producteur CAIRO
Pays concerné : Égypte


DayDream est une structure de production basée au Caire, Egypte, fondée en 2007 par Mohamed Samir.



DayDream is a Cairo-based production entity operating in the Middle Eastern market and offering a variety of production and post-production filmmaking services. Mohamed Samir, the creator of DayDream, has 10 years of experience in the video and filmmaking industry in Egypt and the Middle East. DayDream was created in 2007 to facilitate the expanding scope of his projects and to develop a community of professionals who share his filmmaking ideals. DayDream joins commercial expertise with artistic vision to produce high-quality media setting new standards for the field. Its unique and creative approaches have succeeded in drawing a wide range of high-profile clientele seeking an individual touch. DayDream believes that while technical know-how, financial support and overall hard work are indispensable in the making of films, without passion, it’s simply not art.