Fiche Structure
African Film Consortium (AFC)
Statut : Organisation non gouvernementale (ONG)
Adresse : Kijitonyama light industry area, Plot 20-24 off New Bagamoyo road, Makunbusho. P.O Box 66682 Dar Es Salaam
Pays concerné : Tanzanie
Téléphone(s) : +255 756 060 608


Le Consortium Pan-africain du cinéma (Pan-African Film Consortium, AFC) a été créé par le professionnel du cinéma Mykel Ajaere Parish en 2012.

AFC promeut et construit une industrie du cinéma durable et prospère pour l’Afrique, adossé à l’héritage créatif et culturel du continent.

Les buts
* Développement de la communauté (professionnelle)
* Projection
* Distribution
* Politiques
* Financement


The Pan-African Film Consortium (AFC) was founded by filmmaker and enthusiast Mykel Ajaere Parish in 2012; and established in response to the need to promote ventures by Africans in the Film Industry, with the aim of supporting stakeholders and organizations that make films in the continent. The motivation was spawned by the lack of proper resource structure that should help the African filmmaker. It is a convergence of education, skills and arenas to expose the talented, budding and seasoned Africans in the business of film.

The Pan-African Film Consortium enables a global collection and exhibition of African films in all genres at events and special seasons to create dynamism for African film business by engaging various and diverse audiences throughout and beyond Africa. One of our key focus is to help build a sustainable and prosperous film industry for Africa through film education, access to funding, networking and interaction and facilitating government’s participation to create an enabling environment for all practitioners in the continent. The Pan-African Film Consortium also facilitates an opportunity for the evolution of collaborations, which will be increasingly necessary as Africa continues on the path of a market driven filmmaking industry.

AFC promotes and builds a sustainable and prosperous film industry for Africa, back-dropped on the continent’s creative and cultural heritage.

Our Goals
Our Goals in pursuit of this mission are in Fivefold:
* Community Development
* Exhibition
* Distribution
* Policy
* Funding

The AFC Board
Madam Soheir Kader / Chairperson
Andy Boyo / Deputy Chairperson
Bar. Richard Mofe-Damijo / Legal
Firdoze Bulbulia / Film Festivals
Prof. Jude Akudinobi / Advisor
Lizelle Bischoff / Advisor
Mrs Ajoke Silva / Advisor