Fiche Structure
@The Hub
Statut : Société de droit privé
Adresse : Plot 13/15 Kenneth Dale Drive Kampala
Pays concerné : Ouganda
Téléphone(s) : +2567747799225


 @The Hub represents one of the more recent additions to the Kampala cultural landscape that in fact emphasizes the conscious approach to cultural niche making on the part of new and innovative organizations. @The Hub was developed as a vehicle for flexible professionals who ideally need to have occasional meeting places or worksites to be at their laptops. The Hub tries to establish a comfortable milieu that generates a feeling of productive community both as a social meeting space and a dynamic work site. Along with this it attempts to draw a community around cultural projects that are developed in the space, whether short term exhibitions or regular weekly film screenings. The film screenings are perceived as the best way to attract all potential players in a friendly and conducive shared experience. This has apparently contributed to some continuing interest on the part of the regular audience as well as the use of the space for screenings of local filmmakers’ work. In this way, @The Hub has established itself as a solid slightly upscale local venue for screening local cinema of slightly higher quality or broader interest level.