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Ketebul Music
Statut : Association, ASBL
Adresse : P. O. Box 21737, The Godown Arts Centre, 12 Dunga Road Industrial Area 00505 Nairobi
Pays concerné : Kenya
Téléphone(s) : +254720561198


Ketebul Music is a not for profit organisation that was established in 2007. Ketebul music's mission is the promotion and development of the unique sounds of East Africa.


Ketebul Music discovers, develops and manages musical talents that have a distinct African ethnic foundation, with emphasis on live instrumentation for authentic and organic sounds. Through programs such as 'Spotlight on Kenyan Music,' Ketebul Music has so far produced 5 CD compilations featuring over 50 different cultural artists from all over Kenya.


Ketebul Music also carries out research with the aim of documenting and archiving the diverse sounds of East Africa, which are steadily on the verge extinction. Through the ‘Singing Wells Project,’ they have recorded and archived tribal music from 24 African tribes spanning 3 countries.


Ketebul Music is a pioneer in rediscovering Kenya’s musical heritage with the aim of bringing to light Kenyan icons and legends of yester-years. The ‘Retracing Series,’ initiated in 2005, documents and archives the work of musicians who have shaped the music from the region over the past eras.