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Guerrilla Arts
Statut : Société de droit privé
Adresse : Kampala
Pays concerné : Ouganda


Guerrilla Arts Limited is an experiential arts management organisation which exists with the aim of promoting, preserving and developing the creative and cultural industries in Uganda through various avenues such as documentation, creative project management, training, artistic productions and management of artists and cultural groups to mention but a few.

Guerrilla Arts exists for various purposes namely:

– Capacity building within the arts sector

– Production of arts performances

– Project management

– Arts management and administration

– Talent management

Capacity building within the Ugandan arts sector is at the core of Guerrilla Arts activities and we aim to position ourselves as the arts organisation of choice that one can go to creatively solve the challenges they face, be they creative, financial, legal, managerial etc. By focusing our activities like this, we aim to address artists’ career concerns, as well as product development concerns.


“A vibrant arts and culture industry in Uganda”

We aim to develop capacity within and without to create a vibrant and sustainable arts scene in Uganda.


“To be the trendsetting experiential arts organisation of choice in the East African region”

We believe that our target clients now need a more tangible relationship with the producers of the art they consume and Guerrilla Arts exists to provide collaborations between artists and their audiences.

Creating sustainable arts ecologies in Uganda through the promotion, creation and preservation of artistic works and cultural interests is one of our primary interests. The company comprises individuals who are actively involved in the arts scene in Uganda.

Our intention is to further reach out by seeking out new opportunities in the arts as well as the business world so that the organisation can run fully without necessarily relying on funding as its major source of sustenance. Our goal will be to manage various players within the creative and cultural industries by providing consultation services for artists and assisting with contracts, royalties, disputes, marketing and advice in all areas of the arts and entertainment industry. We will work exclusively towards making each arts brand more effective and placing it within areas that will increase visibility and sales. Guerrilla Arts will provide the right solution that will keep clients ahead of the game.

From 2013 to 2015, Guerrilla Arts is the Southplanet network's partner for the dance sector in Uganda.