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BoNGO Worldwide
Adresse : box 7, Mbame, 12345 Blantyre
Pays concerné : Malawi
Téléphone(s) : +265 888 014 575


organization boNGO in Malawi

What is boNGO?

The name’boNGO’ is an abbreviation for « based on Need-driven Grassroots Ownership », which describes the approach to development used by boNGO – cultivating development efforts of communities that run their own projects and need more additional knowledge, support or finances.

Organization boNGO
boNGO Worldwide (referred to as boNGO) is a non-profit non-governmental organization working within education and community development in Malawi, southeast Africa. boNGO is registered with CONGOMA (Council of Non-Governmental organization in Malawi) and has two sister organizations in Europe – boNGO Czech Republic and boNGO Switzerland.

How boNGO started
boNGO was founded by four people from Malawi, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and USA. Since 2005, they have lived and worked in Juma village (south Malawi) and initiated development of the Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame.

The challenges met, together with a critical insight into other development projects in the area, allowed them to form their own understanding and approach to development work. Based on this experience in 2007 they founded an organization called’boNGO’.

boNGO is a non-profit non-governmental organization in Malawi, South-East Africa, established with the aim of raising the standards of education in the country. boNGO works within:

1. Early Childhood Education
Raising the quality of early childhood education through Model Childcare Centers.

2. Primary School Education
Improving the learning environments in primary schools through syllabus-related paintings on classroom walls (project Happy Classrooms).

3. Youth and Adult Education
Producing and spreading awareness-raising films for both African and non-African audiences (film B’ella and film Zione); and working with Youth Clubs at the Model Childcare Centers.

Malawian children and youths who are capable of logical thinking and independent reasoning with a good foundation of knowledge which allows for healthy development of the nation.

To develop and implement innovative and low cost educational concepts that can be replicated in various communities across the world in order to raise the standards of education.

boNGO Team
boNGO’s management are three people who were actively involved in setting up the Model Childcare Center Umodzi-Mbame in 2005/2006.

Tereza Mirovicova – Managing Director – Czech Republic
Justin Namizinga – Program Director – Malawi
Simone Fuchs – Education Director – Switzerland


Dikamawoko Arts is an inclusive arts and culture centre providing:

1. Theatre, poetry, storytelling, music and dance productions

2. Entertainment for events and functions

3. Industrial theatre, Interactive Message Delivery and TfD

4. Education and training.