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MAD Solutions
Adresse : 18 Salah al Din Street, 3rd Floor, Zamalek 11211 Le Caire
Pays concerné : Égypte
Téléphone(s) : +2 0227369130 | +2 0227357937|+2 0227363


MAD SOLUTIONS est le premier studio panarabe indépendant et qui intègre totalement le marketing et des consultants en création pour l’industrie arabe du cinéma et du divertissement. A travers MAD Solutions, le studio est composé de cinq piliers : MAD Marketing, MAD Content, MAD Distribution, MAD Culture et MAD Celebrity

Les Fondateurs
* Maher DIAB.

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traduit de l’anglais par Thierno I. Dia


MAD Solutions is the first Pan-Arab independent studio and fully integrative marketing and creative consultancy for the Arab film and Entertainment Industry. Under the umbrella of MAD Solutions, the studio is supported by five pillars: MAD Marketing, MAD Content, MAD Distribution, MAD Culture and MAD Celebrity, which together are helping to usher in an exciting new generation of Arab filmmakers and entertainment talent.

We attend at least 20 film festivals (Arab and International), summits, and workshops annually including Cannes, Berlinale, DIFF, ADFF, Toronto, Locarno and many more. Besides our energetic, contemporary approaches to collaborating with our MAD partners, we pride ourselves on having the most extensive and up-to-date database on the Arab film industry, spanning over 20 years of a rich heritage that is still growing to this day, despite the political and socio-economic challenges.

Realizing the potential growth of the film industry in the Gulf States, and the opportunities to hatch a pan-regional strategy, MAD Solutions has expanded to Abu Dhabi, UAE, focusing on the GCC in specific and the Arab world as a whole. We are thrilled to become industry partners.

The MAD Founders
* ALAA KARKOUTI: Alaa is a renowned Film Analyst and an influential professional within the cinema and entertainment industry in the Arab world, known for his efforts in assembling complete statistical and analytical archives on the economics of filmmaking.
* MAHER DIAB: Maher Diab is a multi talented, cosmopolitan illustrator, photographer & visual artist. He has graduated from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts with a certificate of excellence from the Minister of Culture.