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Statut : Société de droit privé
Adresse : Kristina Åberg, Productrice Götgatan 9 116 46 STOCKHOLM
Pays concerné : Suède
Site web :


Atmo est une société de production de cinéma, dirigée par des créatifs.

Atmo appartient à Tarik Saleh (réalisateur), Kristina Åberg (productrice) et Lars Rodvaldr (Producteur délégué).


Some fifteen years ago, Atmo started out as a network of friends producing TV and documentaries. It has been years filled with excitement, struggle and success. Today, Atmo is a professional film production company, driven by creatives.

We do full length films, shorts, infomercials and music videos.

We are always working hard to be on the cutting edge, looking for new methods, new styles and stories worth to be told. In our productions, we often comment on our time and society – always with a twist of humour, often addressing a global audience.

Atmo is owned by director Tarik Saleh, producer Kristina Åberg and Lars Rodvaldr, executive producer.