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Mainframe Movies
Mainframe Film & TV Production
Statut : Société de droit privé
Genre : Production
Adresse : Tunde Kelani, Producteur 16, Seinde Callisto Crescent, Oshodi 234056 LAGOS
Pays concerné : Nigeria
Téléphone(s) : +234 8033052396


Producteur : Tunde KELANI


About Mainframe Opomulero
Mainframe Overview

The name MAINFRAME comes from the concept of the FRAME as the fundamental rudimentary base of motion picture. On the other hand the concept of a FRAME as load bearing structure expresses our readiness to accept the challenges of promoting our culture by producing high quality motion pictures. This is why we are « OPOMULERO », the solid pillar that holds the fort.

Mainframe was incorporated in 1992 to serve the following purpose:

* To promote our rich cultural heritage and moral values both within the country and the outside world at large;
* To improve the standards of film production in Nigeria;
* To give technical support to other production houses both within and outside Nigeria.

Producer : Tunde KELANI