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Svenska Filminstitutet (Institut Suédois du Cinéma)
Genre : Opérateur culturel
Adresse : Box 271 26 – Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1-5 102 52 STOCKHOLM
Pays concerné : Suède
Téléphone(s) : +46 8 665 11 00 | +46-8-665 11 22
Fax : +46-8-661 18 20
Site web :


Il a été fondé en 1963 afin de promouvoir, soutenir et développer le cinéma en Suéde.
Il donne des subventions, distribue et produit des films.


« Founded in 1963, the Swedish Film Institute plays a leading role in Swedish cinema. Its aims include the promotion, support and development of film in its cultural and broader contexts, the allocation of grants for the production, distribution and public showing of Swedish films at home, and the promotion for Swedish cinema at international level. »

« The Institute is also extensively involved in the preservation and promotion of Sweden’s cinematic heritage. Operations are regulated by an agreement between the Swedish government, which also appoints the Institute’s Board of Governors, the film industry, Swedish television (SVT) and TV4. The Board appoints the Secretary General who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Institute. The Board also appoints a consultation committee responsible for reviewing the Institute’s practical application of the Film Agreement.The current Film Agreement stipulates that the Film Institute’s funds should be used for: Production support for Swedish films, Support for the distribution and public screening of films throughout Sweden, Support for cultural activities relating to cinema, The Film Institute is financed largely by grants from the Swedish government, SVT and TV4, and from Sweden’s cinema owners who contribute a levy of 10% of their gross ticket sales. »