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Inti Films
Adresse : Peter Krüger, Producteur Circusstraat 9 B-1000 BRUXELLES
Pays concerné : Belgique
Téléphone(s) : +32 485 117818
Site web :


INTI est un vieux mot inca pour désigner le soleil : comme pour la vie en général, la lumière est essentielle pour le cinéma.

Inti Films est une société de production indépendante belge cofondée en 1993 par Peter Krüger.


INTI is the ancient Inca-word for sun: as for life in general, light is quintessential for film.

Inti Films is an independent Belgian production company co-founded in 1993 by Peter Krüger, which focuses on the production of creative documentaries and art-house films of international relevance.

Inti Films aims to stand out in today’s audio-visual market by producing films that matter; films that challenge the viewer and make the audience question the mysteries of life and human existence.

Most of our films are international co-productions, financed by public film funds, broadcasters and private equity (the Belgian Tax Shelter etc). Because of its international profile, Inti Films often gets support from the MEDIA Programme and EURIMAGES.


Depending on the nature of the projects, films can be produced by INTI FILMS VZW or INTI PRODUCTIONS BVBA.

INTI FILMS VZW is a non-profit-foundation (VZW/ASBL) with a clear artistic profile. INTI FILMS VZW produces films which have a a great artistic, but limited commercial potential. The Board of INTI FILMS consists of legal and creative consultants:
* Barbara Vanderlinden
* Hans De Wolf
* Michel van Dievoet

INTI PRODUCTIONS BVBA is a commercial company who wants to create a long-term synergy between the company’s artistic and commercial resources.

INTI FILMS VZW & INTI PRODUCTIONS BVBA are managed by producer Peter Krüger and line-producer Jules Debrock.

INTI FILMS VZW & INTI PRODUCTIONS BVBA employ staff only a freelance basis, which allows us both flexibility and the possibility to engage the best professionals on every field of filmmaking for each individual production accordingly.