Fiche Structure
Visual Asili
Adresse : Emily Wanja, Zippy Nyaruri and Vincho Nchogu, Productrice
Pays concerné : Kenya


Structure de production créée en décembre 2008

Emily Wanja, Productrice
Zippy Nyaruri, Productrice
Vincho Nchogu, Productrice


Visual Asili was established in december 2008. Visual Asili aims to create films that break the norms in order to establish a style that is uniquely East African. One precise example is Resurrect a short film that is linear but with three stories in one. There is no main character and every character is as important as the next. This concept is drawn from tarditional african perfomances, where the soloist was not the star but the provider of the tune and all villagers could be stars for seconds.

Currently, Visual Asili is producing documentries on Education, Transport and astronomy in East Africa.

For further info, please feel free to contact Emily Wanja, Zippy Nyaruri and Vincho Nchogu by email. vision.asili@gmail/