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Villon Films
Statut : Société de droit privé
Adresse : Peter Davis 4040 Ontario St. V5V 3G5 VANCOUVER, BC
Pays concerné : Canada
Téléphone(s) : +1 (604) 879-6042
Fax : +1 (604) 879-6042
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Fondé par Peter Davis, Villon Films produit et distribue de manière indépendante des films primés depuis 1970.


About Villon Films

Villon Films has been independently producing and distributing award-winning films since 1970. With a strong focus on socio-political documentary, the collection spans such issues as government, history, ecology, culture, health and science, women’s issues, biography, and the apartheid period of South African history.

Villon Films was founded by Peter Davis, who has written, produced, and directed more than thirty documentaries to wide acclaim. His work has been shown on every major television network on the globe including CVC, CTV, BBC, CBS, NBC, German Television, and NHK Japan.
Davis was born and raised in England. He completed his masters studies at Oxford University before emigrating to North America. His early career included positions as scriptwriter for the National Film Board of Canada; director-cameraman for BBC, CBC, Swedish TV, Danish TV, Australian Broadcasting, and WNET; as well as producer for Swedish TV, London’s Rediffusion Television, BBC, CBS, CBC, CTV, Polytel (West Germany), WNET, the United Nations, UNICEF, and C.A.R.E.

The Villon Films collection includes biographies of spies such as CIA agent and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt and U2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers, and of the World War II Foreign Service officers who were accused of « losing China »; a satirical history of the American annexation of the Philipines; and a sociological history of the Jewish experience in the Catskills.

The Peter Davis Collection at Indiana University represents thirty years of work. It includes not only films, but also corresponding outtakes, photographs, stills, audiocassettes, and manuscripts, all available for research and study. The South African material spans the period of the most intensive struggle for human rights in that country, and also includes historical work dating from the beginning of the century. Among the documentaries held there are Remember Mandela!, In Darkest Hollywood, and Generations of Resistance.

Both Peter Davis and Villon Films have won numerous awards, including:
* In Darkest Hollywood, First Prize, Big Muddy Film Festival, 1994
* This Bloody, Blundering Business, Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1978
* Stocking Up, Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1982
* Mandela, Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1986
* Getting The Most From Your Garden, Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1981
* Winnie and Nelson Mandela, Urkunde, Internationalen Demokratischen Frauenfoderation, 1986
* Side by Side, Women against AIDS in Zimbabwe, Jury Award, WHO, 1995
* D.H. Lawrence in Taos, The Chris Award, the Film Council fo Greater Columbus, 1970
* D. H. Lawrence in Taos, Blue Ribbon Award, American Film Festival, 1970.

Villon Films is currently located on the west coast of Canada, in Vancouver, B.C.