Fiche Structure
Fortissimo Film Sales
Adresse : Van Diemenstraat 100 1013 CN AMSTERDAM
Pays concerné : Pays-Bas
Téléphone(s) : +31 20 627 3215


La société possède des bureaux à Hong Kong, Londres, New York et Paris.


Fortissimo Film Sales is an international film, television and video sales organization specializing in the production, presentation, promotion and distribution of unique, award winning and innovative feature films from independent film makers from all over the world.

Wouter Barendrecht
Co-Chairman (Hong Kong)

Michael J. Werner
Co-Chairman (Hong Kong)

Nelleke Driessen
Managing Director (Amsterdam)

Marjan van der Haar
General Manager (Amsterdam)

Kees Koot
Chief Financial Officer (Amsterdam)

Nicole Mackey
Executive Vice President – International Sales (London)

Winnie Lau
Senior Vice President, Sales & Acquisitions (New York)

Chris Paton
Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Development (London)

Mireille van Helm
Senior Vice President – International Servicing (Amsterdam)

Catherine Le Clef
Senior Vice President, TV and Ancillary Sales (Paris)

Dorieke van Helden
Director Legal Affairs (Amsterdam)

Esther Yeung
Director, Marketing & Special Projects (Hong Kong)

Ingrid Lim (Lemon)
Director of Films Distribution & Asian Sales (Hong Kong)

Erik Mund
Director – International Servicing (Amsterdam)

Courtney Noble
Director, Markets & Festivals (Amsterdam)

Fréderique de Rooij
Festival Services Manager

Myrza Mulder
Finance Manager (Amsterdam)

Cindy Ng
Office Manager (Hong Kong)

Ellis Driessen
Acquisitions Consultant Europe & Middle East

Gabrielle Rozing
Management Assistant (Amsterdam)

Van Choi
Office Administrator

Mandy Mitchell
Office Assistant